A New Market Participant Surprise

The Semi-Professional Trader

An unexpected new type of trader has emerged, which is creating riptides within the professional community as a New Market Participant surprise.

The Professional Traders who comprise three groups consisting of the Proprietary Desk Traders for Sell Side Institutions, Floor Traders for Buy Side Institutions, and Independent Pro Traders who work for smaller firms or themselves have recently begun to notice a new kid on the block, one they never expected.

This new trader who trades similarly to the professionals with lots classified as “large lots” and who has skills that impress is called the Semi-Professional Trader.

Although Retail Traders number in the millions and are one of the largest groups of traders in the market, they have long been ignored for nearly 20 years. Often they are looked upon as “hobby traders” by the Professional Traders, rather than serious contenders in the market. The retail crowd was never taken seriously due to the lack of skill, dependence upon gimmicky trading systems, and news or other popular retail strategies. Most retail traders have a dismal 40-50% success rate, are happy with profits that barely cover expense and that don’t provide any reasonable wage or salary for the effort. Until recently.

The Professional Traders have started to notice a new breed of Retail Trader. They are gaining ground trading with skillful savvy and challenging the professionals at their own game, becoming a New Market Participant surprise.

The Semi-Professional is still a minority among the retail crowd but their numbers are growing. A new generation of Retail Traders is learning how to trade like a professional whereas the Retail Traders of prior decades never did.

These traders are classified not as professionals but as Semi-Professionals because they still are hindered by:

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Martha Stokes CMT

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