Methodology Essentials Standard Course Review – by Chuck P.

Review – by Chuck P. – Methodology Essentials Standard Course “is in a word: Outstanding”

“Professional curriculum” contained in beginner course

The Methodology Essentials Standard Course is in a word: Outstanding. I’m not one to give undeserved praise. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for over the last two years.

I started reading Van Tharp, then went to Alex Elder. Both approach trading from a psychological perspective. They are the better ones that I’ve come across. But there was something missing, nothing that I could really put my finger on.

I’ve run my own businesses for over 25 years, but I spent eight years in the corporate world prior to that after I graduated from college. Although I never allowed myself to think I was smarter than my peers, I found that I was from a practical sense. I enjoyed ever increasing responsibilities in two companies–just before the home building industry collapsed in the early 80’s, and the oil and gas business collapsed five years later. Most of the positions that I held were created for me.

Most of the other “successes” that I experienced in the corporate world were similar–people just didn’t think and found it easier to assume what was the way it was suppose to be. I remember a member of the HR staff at that oil & gas company that eventually hired me a year later asking me why I had to be different, why couldn’t I just be like everyone else? Now that was telling. A friend of mine coined the term “spodabees,” as in “it’s spoda be this way.”

I’ve no doubt that Martha sees this. Only a noble dedication and “seeing” would lead someone to develop a knowledge core and teach it, and I use the word teach advisedly. I have to wonder how broad a customer base she enjoys, and of that base how many complete the courses and the additional required rigors, let alone appreciate her passion and dedication.

For those that do, I’ve no doubt that they experience success. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the professional curriculum that I am enjoying studying.

Chuck P.




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