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Chart #1 Candlestick Pattern Analysis Explained


$AIRG has intermittent momentum developing with strong runs that rest or have profit taking in between the runs.

The stock all-time high is around $29. The stock faces resistance at $17-18 which may shift the trend sideways temporarily.

TC2000.com chart with thanks.


Chart #2 Candlestick Pattern Analysis Explained


$VRNT has gapped and run up.

It is near its all-time high which poses strong technical resistance.

Profit taking by Professional Traders is likely as the stock price enters this resistance high area. For now the pattern is weakening with smaller candles as it nears the resistance. This is due to profit taking.

TC2000.com chart with thanks.


Chart #3 Candlestick Pattern Analysis Explained


$JPM reported its 1st quarter earnings Friday.

The stock had a pre-earnings run to the upside, which provided the technical pattern to indicate the direction a gap would take. In this instance to the upside.

StockCharts.com chart with thanks.


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