Why Use Position Trading Stocks for Extra Income?

Low Risk Entry with a High Profit Target

When someone thinks about trading stocks, most of the time, either Day Trading or Swing Trading pops into their head. However, many people do not have the time or the desire to sit at a computer or even on their phone trading stocks every day of the week.

There is a better and easier way to make extra income during your retirement, if you are a stay-at-home parent, or you just enjoy trading stocks but don’t want to make it a full-time job.

See chart example below, which is a monthly view chart.

Above is a good example of a stock that had a Position Style entry in the summer. An entry between $45-48 provided a low risk entry with a high profit target gain potential. The exit was as High Frequency Traders and speculators drove the price up to $117.00. This stock more than doubled its price in under 6 months. Many Position Style Trades are held between 2-6 months.

Since then, it has been showing signs of weakness and a rising risk of a potential top. This stock could also have been sold earlier after the gap caused by High Frequency Traders.

What you are about to learn is a Trading Style that actually makes significantly higher profits than Day Trading or Swing Trading and requires only a few hours a week.

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Trade Wisely,

Martha Stokes CMT

TechniTrader technical analysis using a StockCharts chart, courtesy of StockCharts.com

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