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Balance of Power Indicator in Era of President Trump

Changing Landscape of Professional Technical Trading The Balance of Power indicator continues to prove its astounding value as the premier large lot indicator for trading stocks. The Balance of Power indicator has actually become a far more useful and valuable indicator in the past decade as more and more liquidity …

Bollinger Bands® Improved

New Twist on Using Bollinger Bands for Stock Trading Many traders do not know that there are several variations of Bollinger Bands designed by John Bollinger. One of those is %B, which is a line indicator that can be used with Worden’s Time Segmented Volume to create a Hybrid Leading … Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns of Market Participant Groups Explained Within this article are “time progression” chart examples of one stock, to help readers focus on the candlestick patterns of Market Participant Groups and which one creates certain patterns in the charts. Therefore a portion of the chart has been covered in charts …

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