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Trading Range Compression Patterns

Early Entry With Proper Confirmation Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™ are a technique and skill that needs to be continually improved as technical traders gain experience, and can read charts to interpret candlesticks and indicators with more sophisticated abilities. SPRS takes time to develop but is essential to a full time …


Trading Range Resistance Analysis

How Price And Volume Reflect Resistance Strength Support and Resistance are hugely important to retail and technical traders who are seeking to take advantage of the sudden velocity moves out of Trading Ranges and other sideways price action. Learning to identify when the price and volume patterns are showing sufficient …


How To Identify Dark Pool Rotation Patterns

Downside Action In The Automated Stock Market Recently  the news media for the retail side of the market stated that the correction the market was experiencing during that week was caused by “investors reaction to the dollar value rising and the risk of the Feds raising interest rates.” Although this …

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