How to Not Lose Money in the Stock Market

7 Tips for Consistent Success

Beginners and Advanced Traders alike all want to know how to make money in the Stock Market. But what they really need to learn is how to not lose money in the Stock Market from trading; that is the real secret to consistent success. Let’s talk about how you can learn to not lose money in the Stock Market. Many seminars will talk about trading as a zero-sum game, and that is the first falsehood most traders learn.

The following is a list of tips for How to Not Lose Money in the Stock Market:

  1. Practicing on a simulator with paper money is the best way to learn and first achieve this success rate without putting your hard-earned money at risk being live in the market and unprepared for Market Condition changes.
  2. Learning current Candlestick Patterns and which of the Stock Market Participants create those patterns is essential.
  3. Understanding Fundamental Indicators for both investing and trading to track where the giant Buy Side Institutions are investing using Dark Pool venues of the exchanges is important in the current markets.
  4. Using customized Scans to find great stock picks prior to runs.

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