Easiest Way to Find Candlestick Patterns for Trading

Three Tips for Using Candlestick Charts for Stock Picks

If you are new to Candlestick Charts, then the huge list of Japanese terms for Candlestick Patterns can be overwhelming. There are Three Tips anyone can learn to quickly find great stock picks using a simple method for recognizing important Candlestick Patterns for stock trading.

  1. Use a White Chart Background with black and white candlesticks. Sure, this sounds obvious, but alas, most charting software today has a black background with red and green colors for the candlesticks. A test TechniTrader did between traders who used a white background versus a black background showed that traders who used a white background had a 25% higher profitability and took far less time to find excellent candlestick entry signals. Most traders use black backgrounds, not because it is a better way to read charts, but because it is the default setting in the charting software they use. The reality is that everyone is taught how to read using a white background and black text. In order to read Candlestick Charts as easily as you read a book, you need to provide your brain with the identical visual you use for reading. Otherwise, your brain has to be rewired to learn how to read a stock chart, and that takes a long time. Why fight your natural instincts?

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