Is Day Trading Right for YOU?

Take This Simple Test to See If You Will Be a Great Day Trader

Day Trading is one of the most widely promoted styles of trading stocks for beginners and new Retail Traders. Many training companies teach Day Trading for beginners, but is this in their best interest? Or is Day Trading mostly hype and promises that scam the beginning stock trader?

Take This Test to See If Day Trading Is Right for YOU:

  1. Did you know that if you want to day trade, reputable Retail Brokers will require that you pass a test proving you have sufficient Stock Market knowledge AND experience to handle the risk of Day Trading?
    Why do brokers require an education and market trading experience? Because this is the Trading Style that costs brokerage firms more losses.
    The inexperienced or beginner stock trader who attempts to day trade loses money, often more than their capital reserves, as Day Trading requires margin to trade. This means that if you lose your capital Day Trading, you will still owe your broker money for the stock margin you borrowed to day trade. Day Trading has very high risk for both you and your broker.
  1. Did you know that many brokers have a much higher minimum capital requirement for Day Trading?
    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowed brokers to raise the capital requirements for Retail Day Traders after the brokers nearly went broke when Day Traders lost huge amounts of money in volatile markets a decade ago.
    The requirements for Day Trading are much higher than Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Long-Term Investing. This protects the broker to some extent, as most expect you to lose all of your capital learning to day trade.

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