What Are the Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make Trading Stocks?

List of 5 Includes Trading Too Often

The most vulnerable time for any stock trader is when they are first learning about how to trade stocks. There are promotions everywhere for Stock Trading for Beginners, and most of them are scams. There are other Retail Traders who were not successful themselves trying to teach stock trading for beginners, or there are brokers enticing new beginners with promises of instant wealth.

Many beginner stock traders get caught up with a hyped-up scam that promises huge money-making schemes that are not even remotely reasonable. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does investigate these on a regular basis; however, you must learn to decipher fact from fiction before you ever buy a beginner’s stock trading course or go to a weekend seminar.

Weekend seminars are the worst place to learn to trade stocks because the salespeople are commissioned and are NOT traders, but instead they are there to do whatever it takes to talk you into buying a course that is probably not right for you.

Here are the most common mistakes beginner stock traders make:

  1. Not checking to see if the educators or instructors have credentials approved by the SEC. Sure, anyone can promote a stock trading for beginners class, seminar, webinar, or course. However, only those that meet the SEC regulations for credentials are qualified to do so, and they provide proper education and training.
  2. Believing the get-rich-quick schemes. Let’s be realistic: There is no way you are going to be able to attend a weekend seminar or a couple of days of training during the week and suddenly be an expert stock trader. The average floor trader has a degree in financial services and spends the first couple of years learning how to trade. Then, they spend another several years trading before they are elevated to the status of senior floor trader.

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