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The Fed’s Interest Rates Conundrum Part 2

How Low Interest Rates Have Created a Hidden Inflationary Economy This is Part 2 of a series of articles regarding the Federal Reserve Board’s recent statement, that they do not understand why inflation remains below 2% as they proclaim a robust economy. The primary method the Feds use in their …


Average True Range ATR Indicator Analysis

All About ATR Indicator in StockCharts ATR can be highly useful for technical traders who trade stocks, and stock or index options. It can work similarly to implied volatility and thus is particularly useful for options traders. ATR works on stocks, ETFs, and indexes providing valuable information about the magnitude …


Tracking Institutional Investors

Quiet Accumulation/Distribution Indicators The task of finding a simple reliable method for tracking the quiet accumulation of institutional investors in the stock market was no small feat for me many years ago. Market indicators track mostly indexes, advancing versus declining stocks, breadth, and so on which all basically track price …