TechniTrader Hybrid Indicators For MetaStock Users

About TechniCators™ and Market Conditions for Trading or Investing

TechniTrader® stock market education, groups indicators together based on obtaining a complete and thorough analysis of all the market data available. These are typically 5 hybrid indicators we created. Each group is called a TechniCator™ and there are TechniCators™ for each Trading Style based on Market Conditions.

Most Retail Traders use price and time indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands® or other price/time indicators. This leaves a gigantic hole in the analysis because they are only analyzing half of the data necessary to be consistently successful.

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TechniTrader education focuses on consistent success. This is totally contrarian to most systems and strategies that teach a retail trader can be successful taking a zero sum game attitude. The fact is that a 50% success rate won’t give a consistent monthly income you can rely upon.

Therefore our indicators include all of the analysis needed to select only the optimal and most ideal stock picks for the current MARKET CONDITION.

There are 6 Primary Market Conditions which tell you:

1.   How price will behave

2.  How fast price will move

3.  What entry signals will work best

4.  What exit signals to use

5.  What indicators to use

6.  What trading style will reap the highest profit

Market Condition analysis comes from the TechniTrader Exploration Scans.

In order to have a complete analysis of a stock for short-term trading or long-term investing, you must in addition to price, trend, and candlestick pattern analyze the following:

Volume Hybrid

Compare the upside volume and the downside volume, in relation to recent volume activity. That is why TechniTrader uses color coded volume bars with a special moving average for the various Market Conditions, speed of price action, and volume action.

TTQA TechniTrader Quiet Accumulation Hybrid

Reveal the secretive incremental buying patterns of the Dark Pool institutional investors. Dark Pools have grown in popularity and this behind the scenes giant lot action affects price, in ways not easily seen with mere price/time indicators.

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TTFF TechniTrader Flow of Funds Hybrid

Know if money is flowing into or out of the stock. Mutual Funds buy and sell stocks based on charter requirements. In addition they are also based upon new Mutual Fund investors buying into the fund, or redemption demands by Mutual Fund investors which force the Funds to sell stock.

TTVA TechniTrader Volume Accumulation Hybrid

Track the institutional activity of Dark Pool versus HTFs High Frequency Trading Firms. This indicator also tracks Professional Traders trading for the Buy Side Market Participant or the Sell Side Market Participant. This is a unique oscillator not based on price, but instead is based on volume.

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TT RSI/RSI TechniTrader Relative Strength Index Hybrid

Many retail traders use MACD, Stochastic, or Bollinger Bands. There is nothing wrong with these indicators UNLESS they are used in the wrong Market Condition, then they will give false entry and exit signals with poor profit results. This RSI/RSI hybrid indicator can be used in more Market Conditions than other indicators, and exposes strength or weakness in price BEFORE a major gap, run down, or shift of trend.

PRC/ROC Price Rate Of Change/Rate Of Change Hybrid

Developed and designed to be used in Market Conditions where MACD and Stochastic tend to fail. It is easy to use and interpret, and many traders prefer it because of its flexibility with a variety of trading styles.

Trade Wisely,

Martha Stokes CMT

TechniTrader technical analysis using a MetaStock chart, courtesy of Innovative Market Analysis, LLC dba MetaStock

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